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What’s the state of the PR profession?

The latest CIPR State of the Profession survey (published February 2014) revealed an average gender pay gap of over £12,000 in favour of men – so to focus our work in this area we held a #CIPRChat on the issue of equal pay and gender balance.

Here’s a summary.

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Focusing on excellent internal communication

The Government Communication Service @UKGovcomms held an event for public sector internal communicators on 12 February 2014 in London. Here’s what happened…

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The rise of responsive organisations

Thanks to the Internet being everywhere and social media, the world is now a single giant network. This has fundamentally changed the way we think about finding information and connecting with each other.What impact does this have on the way people work? Here Mike Grafham, @mgrafham, (pictured) [...]

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Marry, date or dump… Helping teams with tone of voice

How can a round of "Marry, date or dump" help you analyse the tone of voice of your corporate communication? You're in the right place to find out.Kim Borrowdale, (pictured), communications consultant and a former classmate of mine from Kingston University’s post-graduate diploma in Internal C[...]

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How to use Google for internal communication

A Tube strike is currently happening in London and where appropriate, many organisations have been giving their employees permission to work remotely rather than try and battle into the office.Today I spotted a note from Google via LinkedIn, who have been using the strikes to remind people of th[...]

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How Thomas Cook is using social media for recruitment

How are you using social media to attract and retain employees? Are you telling a consistent story internally and externally?Today I discovered how travel company Thomas Cook Group plc is using social media for recruitment and thought I'd share it with you.I've written about the company a [...]

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How to use Pinterest for internal communication

This week I was interviewed by Russell Working who is a journalist at Ragan Communications in America, about content.We were discussing how content has changed in the world of internal communication and the trends that we have seen inside organisations in recent years; from polished videos to s[...]

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Is soz – or any slang – appropriate for brands to use?

On 24 January 2014 @Victorialine, the official Twitter feed from the Victoria Line of the London Underground tweeted an apology following disruption on 23 January and chose to use the word ‘soz’ in it.

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How to connect emotionally with employees

The choice of language in an organisation has a key role to play in how you connect with employees. Every organisation has its own unique identity, reinforced in part by the terminology you find within it, which helps define and underline its culture and enhance its sense of community.According [...]

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Internal Comms pros shape the broadcast agenda

Does video feature in your plans for this year? Are you looking for opportunities to showcase your frontline employees and leaders via film to share their stories?At the end of last year I highlighted a new event I'd been made aware of that encouraged corporate communicators to think like broad[...]

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